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Next Episode Thursday: November 8th
Guest: Shannon Leischner - Theta Healer, Teacher and Angel Communicator

Coming Up November 15th: Mary Rodwell

Join Ashli on Thursdays at 7:00pm PT for Threshold to Ascension Radio on Each week Ashli interviews powerful LightWalkers and Ascension Mentors who share how they got started on their Mission and the obstacles they faced and overcame. Let their journeys of how they continue to be in Service to the Awakening - despite the challenges they face - inspire you to take your leap of faith. The time for being small has ended...

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The JoyRide Show Ep. 77- "Frequencies, Beings, Importance of Authenticity"

Ashli guides us through an incredible clearing meditation. This is a meditation (created by James of ECETI) intended to transmute energies that have a pesky habit of attaching themselves to us. By holding that higher vibration, we can do just about anything. Peace, Love, and Joy are yours for the asking!

Ashli on Jimmy Church

Fade to Black Radio with Jimmy Church- "Bringing The Esoteric Into 3D Life"

Ashli discuss her life of contact, healing and what it’s like to witness ET craft nearly every day of the year.